6 reasons why you need to get virtual reality glasses

The development of technology recently has been staggering. If you’d have told us back 10 years ago that we would have virtual reality glasses that can simulate flight or transport you to a new world entirely, I don’t think anyone would have believed you. It’s entirely futuristic, and it seems crazy that this technology is readily available for us to enjoy as consumers.

The creativity and innovation that’s been present in the industry over the last few years have been immense, and as a result, the virtual reality technology that’s available now is brilliant. Virtual reality glasses and headsets, in particular, are fantastic, and they’re being used widely in a range of intriguing places- such as at theme parks or by game development companies.

In this post, I’ll be having a look at the key reasons why you should consider getting yourself your very own virtual reality glasses. There’s plenty of reasons why they’re a great buy for 2019, from fun things like gaming to serious things like overcoming anxiety.

Amazing gaming experiences

One of the main reasons why virtual reality glasses are so popular nowadays is that they’re being used by many major gaming companies- and the games that you can get on them are incredible. Think about what makes a video game enjoyable. Can you ever enjoy a game fully if you don’t feel immersed in it? Virtual reality allows you to feel fully involved in your game and be right at the heart of the action.

If you haven’t tried virtual reality gaming before, I’d suggest doing so. It’s truly revolutionary. To see it in action, I would suggest looking into YouTube gaming channels as there’s plenty of online personalities who have experimented with this style of gaming.

If you’re not sold on it before, you’ll definitely be sold on it after as you can see the effect that VR has on a person physically. If it’s a game where they’re up high, they’ll tense up and feel frightened near places where they could ‘fall off’. If it’s a horror game, they’ll react with genuine fear or anxiety when hiding from monsters.

Help with sleep and meditation

Mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques, in general, have been hugely popular over the last few years, as people have realized the value of looking after their own mental health. There’s been a huge surge of popularity for meditation apps, but one area that I personally feel is hugely underappreciated is the virtual reality meditation area. There’s plenty of amazing meditation experiences and apps in VR that you can try, and if you’re looking for a way to work on your mental health and stress levels then it could be a fantastic investment.

Virtual reality glasses can also be great for helping with sleep. One of the best examples of this is bedtime story applications that exist to help parents and children enjoy stories together. It’s a great way to use modern technology to enhance the relationships within a family, and if you’ve got children then I’d say this could be a great experience for both of you.

Overcoming anxiety and phobias

One of the most incredible developments that have come along with the virtual reality boom is the technology to help people overcome their anxiety or specific phobias. There are developers who create software dedicated entirely to helping people get over their fears, which I think is incredibly admirable.

One example of this is a treatment for the fear of heights. There’s incredible software available for this, which is completely scalable to how scared a person is e.g. you could experience the virtual reality scenario on the first floor of the building or thirtieth floor. Obviously, something to note is that you shouldn’t try to treat phobias entirely by yourself- if you do have a severe fear that affects your life, then please go to a professional first.

Education and entertainment

We mentioned earlier how fantastic virtual reality glasses are for gaming- they’re intriguing for other forms of entertainment too. There are amazing simulators available, for example, there’s been a hugely popular theme of roller coaster simulators online lately.

There are also 3D art tools which are beautiful. These tools allow you to create mesmerizing artwork in the physical space in front of you and can lead to some very unique creations. There are so many different types of art that you can create, depending on the app and tools that you’re using, ranging from incredible, realistic paintings to graphic, colorful graffiti designs.

Virtual reality glasses can also be brilliant for education and training. Whether you’re looking to study for your exams more or do training for a new job, there are so many options available out there. This is another great thing to use virtual reality for if you’ve got children, as using modern technology can be a great way to engage with them and to help them to enjoy the learning experience more.

Virtual tours and travel

A final reason that I think virtual reality glasses are so incredible is that they can take you to another place- literally. The immersive nature of virtual reality is a brilliant way to experience other places without having to leave your house.

One of the most intriguing things that you can do with virtual reality takes virtual tours. If you’re buying a house, for example, you can actually take tours of the house without going there to experience it yourself. This is great if you’re unable to travel, and you can also do this for college campuses if you’re going away for school.

In conclusion

To sum up, virtual reality is fascinating and I’m excited to see where it goes in the future. The innovation that is present in the industry right now is astounding, and if you’re interested in keeping up to date with it then I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on your very own virtual reality glasses. After all, why wouldn’t you want the ability to go skydiving without leaving your own bedroom?

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